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“Jagger” – Amstaff Puppy

All 20/7/23 16/7/23 31/8/23 This strong little boy is “B2C” and temporarily named Jagger.  This litter we’ve named the pups after famous singers.  Jagger is

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“Lake” – Amstaff Puppy

This strong little puppy is “G3B” and temporarily named Lake.  She was born on the 4th December 2022.  For more information please visit my breeder profile.

Lake is available for $1650 and can be taken home from 11th February 2023 when she is 10 weeks old (she might be able to leave earlier depending on the home she is going to).

If you’d like to make an enquiry about (G3B) Lake please fill out the form on my registered breeder page.  It’s really important that these dogs go to a forever home that is a good match for both the puppy and the family.  

Identifying Features

Lake’s coat has a beautiful tan colour.  She is the smallest pup of this litter.  She has no obvious markings or colour variations.  She is bubbly and friendly.  



Little Lake is looking healthy.  She’s the cutest little thing.  Every time I pick her up and she licks my face and wags her tail.  She’s just beautiful.  She had her worming and flea formula today.


Lake went on another adventure into the world today.  She met 2 other dogs.  She interacted playfully with both of them.  She got to play with a small Shitzu/Poodle X named Mitzi.  Lake really enjoyed that.  She got scared at one point while walking back to the car.  I picked her up and carried her and she pooped on my arm!  After about 40 minutes all up we were back home and she was happy to see mum and dad.  


Lake went on her first excursion into the wider world today.  We met a big Mastiff at the local cafe.  She played with him for a few minutes.  She wasn’t sure at first but her tail started wagging pretty quickly.  She met some human puppies at the cafe who patted her and cuddled her.  She reluctantly received all the attention.  She was nervous but enjoyed it.


Lake went back to the vet today to get her microchip.  She got it no worries.  She didn’t cry or seem concerned by the needle.   


Lake went to the vet today.  She received her vaccination.  The vet did a full inspection.  Lake has no noticeable concerns.  She’s in great health.


Lake weighed in at 3.24kg today.  She had her worming formula.  She’s growing well now.  She’s strong and wrestles with her siblings.  She runs around the house confidently.  She’s very cuddly and likes being held.  


Lake is growing into a beautiful little puppy.  She’s still the smallest but she’s growing.  She weighed in at 1.78kg today.  She had her worming formula.  She’s the smallest but she compensates with her personality.  She’s started on semi-solid foods.  She’ll push her way through the litter to get the food.  She gets pushed aside a bit but she just keeps going whether it’s under, around or over her siblings, she still gets to the tucker!  She’s still taking milk from mum.  She’s a happy little thing.  Her little tail wags when I go and pick her up.  She doesn’t have any noticeable defects or health problems.  She doesn’t have any significant markings.  She’s a “camel” brown colour with blue eyes.  I expect her eyes will change colour but it’s hard to say if her coat will turn red as she gets older.  


Lake is doing well.  She’s the smallest of the litter.  She weighed in at 1.16kg today.  I gave her some raw fatty unpasteurised milk to top her up.  She drank over 100ml!  She’s very strong.  I guess because she has less fat she has higher strength to weight ratio.  She’s able to stand up and walk short distances already.  I gave her some worming formula today.  She’s a cute little pup and very cuddly.


Lake was born!  She is strong and healthy.  She’s taking milk.  

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