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“Jagger” – Amstaff Puppy

All 20/7/23 16/7/23 31/8/23 This strong little boy is “B2C” and temporarily named Jagger.  This litter we’ve named the pups after famous singers.  Jagger is

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Amstaff Puppy – G4B “Ocean” AKA Nala

This strong little girl is “G4B” and temporarily named Ocean (aka Nala).  She was born on the 4th December 2022.  For more information please visit the puppy page on my website.

Ocean is available for $1650 and can be taken home from 28th January 2023.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about (G4B) Ocean please fill out the form on the puppies page or contact me via email here.  It’s really important that these dogs go to a forever home that is a good match for both the puppy and the family.  



Nala received her microchip at the vet today.  No dramas.


Nala received her vaccination at the vet today.  All went well.  The vet did a full inspection and found no concerns.  She is doing well.


Nala (G4B Ocean) had her worming formula today.  She weighed in at about 4.6kg.  She’s developing well.  She’s eating well and interacting with her siblings well.  She looks happy and her tail was wagging when I picked her up for worming tonight.


G4B Ocean has found a home.  Someone has put down a deposit and will be picking her up when she’s ready.  They are going to call her Nala.  We’ve started calling her that so she starts to connect with that name.  


Ocean is growing well.  She had weighed in at 3.08kg.  She received her worming formula.  She’s very strong and has good dexterity for her age.  She’s eating semi solid foods now and starting to wean off of mum’s milk.  She has no discernible concerns.  She looks healthy.  


Ocean had her worming formula today.  She weighed in at 2.06kg which is a healthy weight.  She’s a smart girl.  She has a bit more personality than the other personalities.  She’s very friendly.


Ocean was born!  She is strong and healthy.  She’s taking milk from mum and moving around well.  

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