“Jagger” – Amstaff Puppy

This strong little boy is “B2C” and temporarily named Jagger.  This litter we’ve named the pups after famous singers.  Jagger is short for Mick Jagger.  Whoever chooses to take him home can choose a new name.  He will still be young enough to not be aware of his name.  He was born on the 8th June 2023.

Jagger is available for $1650 and can be taken home from 8th August 2023.  If you would like to secure this puppy you can pay a deposit and collect him when he is ready to leave his mumma.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about (B2C) Jagger please fill out the form on my breeder’s page here or email me here

It’s really important that these dogs go to a safe forever home that is a good match for both the puppy and the family.  

Identifying Features

Jagger is a beautiful strong dog.  He is calm.  He has a nice light brown colour fur like his mum.



Jagger went for a walk today.  He was very brave.  He didn’t really like the leash but he did okay.  He’s still getting used to it.


Jagger had his worming formula today.  He’s doing well.  He’s interacting well with mum and dad.  He’s confident and strong.  He’s very cuddly and he’s starting to listen to instructions.


Jagger had his vaccine today.  He got his microchip.  He also had an inspection from the vet.  He’s in good health.  No problems.  He’s ready for his new home.  


Jagger had his worming formula today.  He weighed in at 4.7kg.  He’s running around now and chasing mum for more milk.  He has a black collar with a blue tag on.  He’s fast and healthy.  He’s interacting well with his siblings.  He looks healthy and no observable issues.  Almost ready for vaccinations and a microchip.


Jagger had his Drontal worming formula.  He weighed in at 3.17kg.  He’s developing well.  He’s a happy little puppy.  He’s interacting with mum and dad and his siblings well.  No observable concerns.  


Jagger is growing up.  He is showing confidence.  His little eyes have just opened.  He has beautiful blue eyes.  He had his first dose of worming formula.  We’re using the good quality Drontal liquid formula.  He weighed in at 2.22kg today.  He seems to be a healthy weight.  He is crawling and has taken a few wobbly steps already.  


Jagger was born!  He is healthy.  He’s taking milk.  


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