Adam James

I’m based in Brisbane, Queensland.  I love dogs.  I love training them, learning about them and working with them.  I like helping others get the most out of their relationship with their dogs.

I’m a registered breeder in Queensland. My Breeder Identification No. is BIN0011509599750.

Terms & conditions

Here are some general terms for adopting our dogs.

  1. We want to make sure these dogs have a safe home.  Ideally this would be a house with a yard, access to water at all times and access to a shaded area with air flow. 
  2. A fully fenced yard area is necessary with suburban properties.  These are powerful dogs and have the capacity to cause harm.  They will probably never harm anyone or anything ever.  If they are raised as caring family dogs and they’re well fed it’s unlikely they’ll cause unnecessary harm to anyone.  But there is always a chance and it’s the owner’s responsibility to mitigate unnecessary risk.  They will protect themselves, their family and your property from real, or perceived threats.  E.g. If someone from the power company comes to check the power meter they need to be able to access it without interacting with the dog unless you are there.  A dog will not know the difference between an authorised meter reader and an intruder.  In most cases, if a dog sees you permit a stranger onto the property then they will know their presence is acceptable and will not attack.
  3. These dogs need regular exercise and interaction with loving people.  A daily walk is ideal but at least a few times a week.  Any less and they’ll probably start digging holes and causing other mischief.
  4. If there is ever an issue for any reason please do not leave your dog with a rescue shelter.  Please bring them back to us.  If it’s in the first 6 months we will work with you to find a new family and hopefully reimburse you part or all of the payment.  The last thing we want to do is to see these dogs put in a shelter and put down because they don’t have a home.  We want to take shared responsibility with you to make sure they have a loving safe home for their entire life.  Sometimes life presents extraordinarily difficult situations which may mean you cannot continue to provide a home for this dog.  We understand.  Please get back in touch with us if so and we’ll make sure the animal is cared for.
  5. Never leave a dog alone with a small defenceless child.  Our dogs are raised to never bite or cause harm to a human.  They will die to protect you and your family if necessary.  It is in their blood to not close their jaw when you put your hand in the mouth.  When this breed was originally being bred, for generations any dog that bit a human was put down or at least not allowed to breed.  But.  They are still animals.  There have been horrific stories of dogs snapping at the sound of a crying baby and attacking the baby.  We’ve never seen it with our dogs.  But you shouldn’t leave a dog with a small defenceless child:  just in case.


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Here are the puppies currently available from this breeder.

The Parents of these puppies

The parents are both incredible dogs.  They are very well trained.  They can be walked off leash with hand signal directions.  They are healthy and resilient dogs with a very social and friendly personality.

The Dam/Bitch: Sasha

The Sire: Ned


These are puppies from this breeder who have now found a home.  


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