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“Jagger” – Amstaff Puppy

All 20/7/23 16/7/23 31/8/23 This strong little boy is “B2C” and temporarily named Jagger.  This litter we’ve named the pups after famous singers.  Jagger is

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“Nicks” – Amstaff Puppy

This strong little girl is “G1C” and temporarily named Nicks (after Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac.  Each pup from this litter has been named after famous singers).  She was born on the 8th June 2022.  For more information please contact me.

Nicks is available for $1650 and can be taken home from 3rd August 2023.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about (G1c) Nicks please fill out the form on our breeder’s profile page here or the puppies page or contact me via email here

It’s really important that these dogs go to a forever home that is a good match for both the puppy and the family.  


This beautiful little pup found her forever home today.  She’s going to move in with her new family next week.  


Nicks weighed in at about 3.24kg today.  She’s growing very well.  She had her worming formula.  She’s strong and wrestles with her siblings.  She runs around the house confidently now.  She’s very cuddly and likes being held.  We took some photos today.  She didn’t really like the idea too much.  She wasn’t too sure about the camera. 


Nicks is a gorgeous little puppy.  She’s the smallest of the litter but she’s growing.  She weighed in at 1.87kg today.  She had her worming formula.  She’s started on semi-solid foods.  She’s still taking milk from mum.  She’s a happy puppy.  She doesn’t have any noticeable defects or health problems.  She’s a tan “camel” brown colour with blue eyes.  I expect her eyes will change colour but it’s hard to say if her coat will turn red as she gets older.  


Nicks is doing well.  She’s the smallest of the litter.  She weighed in only at 1.3kg today.  I gave her some extra milk today to top her up.  She drank a lot.  She’s very gentle and calm.  She’s able to stand up and walk short distances already.  I gave her some worming formula today.  She’s a cute little pup and very cuddly.


Nicks was born!  She is strong and healthy.  She’s taking milk from mum and moving around well.  

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